The Dog Days Of Healthcare

The Dog Days Of Healthcare

Many Americans have great relationships with their doctors. Our primary care physicians can be knowledgeable, friendly and typically have only the best interests of their patients in mind. However, satisfaction with our doctors does not equate to happiness with the healthcare system. Nearly 75% of employed Americans believe the health care system is in a state of crisis or has significant problems.

It’s not an uncommon story. A year goes by, and it’s time to schedule a routine check-up or physical with your doctor. You give them a call only to find out the next available appointment is in 2-3 months.  Meanwhile, old Rex just got his annual check-up at the vet’s office with a walk-in visit. The total bill of which was a whopping $89.99. If you’ve been tempted to swap your dog’s blood sample with your own to get a quick status report on your health, we understand.

Today’s consumers expect quick, reliable service. Whether you’re getting your tires replaced, having your house painted or just ordering a burger, you expect a trustworthy, fast and competitively priced experience. So, what’s the deal with health care? What makes it the outlier?

There are many reasons, but, in general, Americans are forced to go through their employers’ insurance plans if they want access to somewhat affordable healthcare. This means we don’t have much say in the policies or services we are offered. As a result, insurance companies run the show and make the system work for them, rather than the system operating for patients and doctors. The result is patients siloed in their healthcare options and doctors tied up in so much bureaucratic red tape regarding who they can see and what they can charge, they don’t have adequate time or focus on paying attention to what matters, the patient.

That is, until the onset of concierge healthcare. The concierge approach to medicine is the free market solution to a broken system. Patients pay a yearly or monthly fee and with that come on-demand access to expert physicians, whenever needed. This includes services such as complex medical issue diagnosis and treatment, preventative screenings, immunizations, health maintenance and prevention consultation, chronic disease management, counseling and more.

Medical care is individualized and customized from a doctor that understands the unique needs and lifestyles of each patient. Since insurance is out of the picture, doctors have the time to meet with you in a relaxed and unrushed environment, so they can truly understand your needs and ensure proper treatment.

“Patients want… better care for less money. They want better value. They want more time with their doctors. They want quality and convenience and accessibility and all the things that we’re not offering to them right now. They want their doctors to answer the phone. They want their doctors to supply their medicine. They want their doctors to sit down and spend half an hour or an hour with them and not worry about what insurance is going to pay for or not pay for.” – Dr. Josh Umbehr, concierge healthcare physician

Political gridlock and greed continue to tarnish the American healthcare system in its current state, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like things are going to change for the patient any time soon. Concierge medicine provides a solution outside of the bureaucracy of the system that gives the power back to the people.

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