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Our customizable and comprehensive services are designed to put you in control of your health.  We serve Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Englewood, Littleton, Cherry Creek and more Denver neighborhoods. Find your personal best with the services listed below:

Diagnosis & treatment of complex medical problems

Internal Medicine specializes in diagnosis of multi-symptom problems and rare diseases. Rather than treating symptoms, we always try to find an underlying cause for multiple, seemingly unrelated complaints that our patients present with. We consider uncommon presentations of common diseases, but also keep in mind common presentations of rare diseases.

We also specialize in the management of individuals with multiple co-existing medical problems, often requiring coordination of care among many specialists.

Early detection (screening) of cancer

Screening (examination of persons without symptoms) for the following cancers – skin, lung, breast, colon and rectum, prostate, urinary bladder – is an integral part of every preventive examination that we perform.

We also provide advice on screening for other, less common malignancies such as thyroid, endocrine (adrenal glands, MEN – multiple endocrine neoplasia), esophagus, stomach, pancreas, ovary, testicular. Routine screening of everyone for these cancers is not generally recommended. However, you may benefit from screening if you have a significant family history or appropriate personal medical history. We will carefully evaluate you for any risk factors and counsel you on the appropriate screening tests, including genetic testing.

EKG (ECG, electrocardiogram)

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Health maintenance and prevention

We use evidence-based guidelines and expert recommendations to screen for multiple common medical conditions. We pay special attention to nutrition, weight management, blood pressure, cholesterol, detection of common vitamin and hormone deficiencies, as well as breast, colon and prostate cancer screening. In the elderly, we also focus on early detection and prevention of depression and memory problems (dementia).

High blood pressure, heart disease and stroke

We evaluate individual risk of developing cardiovascular disease using family and personal history, detailed examination, and advanced laboratory and imaging studies. We suggest and implement appropriate risk reduction strategies to minimize immediate and life-time risk of heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

Hormone replacement therapy

Despite the findings of Women’s Health Study, many peri- and post-menopausal women benefit from hormone replacement therapy because of a variety of symptoms. Our approach is to thoroughly evaluate any symptoms that may be related to menopause and counsel women extensively on the benefits and risks of hormone replacement before prescribing any such treatment.


We recommend and administer seasonal influenza (flu) vaccine to all our patients. Flu shot clinics are available in the fall for patients’ family members and walk-ins. We screen our patients annually for appropriate use of pneumonia, tetanus and shingles vaccine. Hepatitis A and B vaccine is also available.

Intravenous therapy (i.v. infusions)

We offer i.v. infusion therapy for hydration, multivitamin infusions for supportive care during an acute illness (e.g. ‘flu’), and infusions for management of acute pain (headache, migraine, acute back or neck pain). We also offer Reclast (zoledronic acid) infusions for treatment (yearly) or prevention (every 2 years) of osteoporosis.

Lung function testing (PFT)

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Management of chronic diseases

Common chronic conditions that require diligent management and frequent follow-up include: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart failure, coronary artery disease (blockage), diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, emphysema), kidney disease, dementia, and others.

Medically unexplained chronic pain/fatigue

We do not hesitate to perform an exhaustive testing to try to find an underlying diagnosis for patients’ chronic pain or fatigue, including rare immune system and endocrine problems. However, in many patients their symptoms remain unexplained based on the current scientific criteria. Rather than resorting to ‘alternative’ testing and treatments for unsubstantiated diagnoses, we approach such patients from bio-psycho-social perspective where the biological component includes overactive nervous system, the psychological component is the interpretation of the nervous impulses at the brain level, and the social component includes management of stress, all tailored to the patient’s individuality. Our focus is on making the patient feel better and function better in everyday life through a combination of approaches.

Men's health

We provide counseling, evaluation and treatment of commonly encountered problems such as erectile dysfunction and low testosterone.

Obesity management and weight loss

First, we evaluate our patients for treatable causes of obesity such as underactive thyroid, overactive adrenal glands (Cushing disease) and sex-hormone deficiency. Once those are ruled out, we treat obesity as a symptom of deeper, genetic disease called metabolic syndrome (or syndrome X). In this approach, weight loss is only one means how to improve and prolong life of an individual. We feel that other interventions, such as exercise prescription, control of blood sugar, lowering cholesterol and management of high blood pressure are equally if not more important.

Patient-centered care

We strongly believe in individualized care and patient education. We partner with our patients and work together to ensure the best possible outcome. We try to achieve this by spending considerable time to educate you about possible diagnoses, tests and treatment options.

Personal physician (VIP) service

For an additional fee (not covered by health insurance) we offer guaranteed same-day appointments for urgent and non-urgent problems, guaranteed same day medication refills, 24/7 telephone access to Dr. Huzicka, treatment over the phone without an office visit, consultations via email/Skype, expedited referrals to specialists, and more.

Individuals without health insurance (or with high deductible ‘catastrophic’ insurance plans) will benefit from pre-arranged, highly discounted (discounts average as high as 80% from ‘list prices’ but also up to 50% from ‘insurance negotiated’ prices) cash prices for laboratory testing and imaging available only to our VIP patients.

Unlike traditional ‘concierge’ or ’boutique’ practices, our patients can sign up for VIP care only for a period of time when their life or health situation requires extra level of care, and once their health improves they can change to a traditional insurance-based model of care.

Physical exams for sports and employment

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Smoking cessation

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Travel clinic

We provide consultations and full-spectrum of immunizations prior to international travel.

Stress management, lifestyle counseling

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