Concierge Medicine – The Answer To Insufficient Healthcare

Concierge Medicine – The Answer To Insufficient Healthcare

Are You Tired of Expensive and Insufficient Healthcare? Concierge Medicine is the Answer

A growing number of physicians and patients are making the switch to a concierge medicine model—here’s why.

The health insurance industry is becoming a value-based care and pay-for-performance model, and physicians are looking for ways to improve and personalize treatment, at a more reasonable cost. Patients have voiced frustrations over the ever-diminishing amount of time physicians spend with them, and are interested in bypassing the traditional healthcare system not only to increase the length of visits, but to gain access to highly personalized care—on their terms.

Concierge medicine is the solution.

Concierge medicine allows you to establish a close relationship with your doctor and gives you access to exceptional care, and appointments lasting far longer than the usual 20 minutes.

Within the concierge medicine model, patients pay an annual membership fee, which unlocks a range of opportunities for enhanced care and improved health outcomes. Your doctor will have a smaller circle of patients, allowing them to address unique medical concerns and giving you the opportunity to develop a personal relationship based on genuine care and trust.

“The general consensus is that overall the traditional healthcare system in the United States is broken. For example, a significant failing of the U.S. healthcare system is that hospital-based care is centered on complex diagnostics and procedures, not simple, yet consistent, prevention. Also, the rise of hospital-based care has fostered the age of ‘7-minute medicine’, or rather doctors, who only have time to capture a problem, not get to know the patient’s context. Understanding the patient’s context—and the patients themselves—often reveals the root of the issue. Consequently, doctors who practice ‘7-minute medicine’ may not provide true primary care. The net result is a missed opportunity to prevent or effectively treat healthcare problems before they worsen into crises.”—Daniel Carlin, M.D., CEO of WorldClinic to Forbes in 2017

The amount of time and ease of access gained through membership in a concierge medicine program far exceeds that of hospital-based care. As Reuters points out,  “For half of the world’s population, primary care doctor visits last less than five minutes, researchers say. Appointments range from 48 seconds in Bangladesh to 22.5 minutes in Sweden. In the U.S., meetings with doctors average about 20 minutes.” You read that right, the average appointment in our country lasts just 20 minutes. Your morning commute is likely longer than the average primary care doctor visit (if you live in Colorado, your commute might be double the length of an average appointment). As healthcare professionals, we find it difficult to imagine your needs and concerns can be addressed in as little as 20 minutes.

More alarming, it’s possible your short visits will result in an overall decline in health. Reuters, citing a report from Dr. Greg Irving of the University of Cambridge, explains, “Shorter consultation times have been linked to poorer health for patients and burnout for doctors.”  Dr. Irving, along with a handful of his colleagues, reviewed 178 studies from more than 67 countries, spanning over 28.5 million appointments. They were able to draw a line from the length of a visit to health promotion—or decline. Doctors are better able to manage their patient’s health and provide value when they aren’t rushed through appointments. It’s that simple.

The average appointment with a concierge health provider, such as First Internal Medicine, can range from 60-90 minutes (or longer). As a member, you have nearly unlimited access to your doctor, giving you the opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. The concierge healthcare model gives your physician the opportunity to work more directly with you, the patient.

Increased patient satisfaction and a deeper doctor-patient relationship equal a better overall experience, for both you and your doctor. When a physician isn’t burned out, your health takes center stage.

“Surveys consistently demonstrate that patients prioritize both the interpersonal attributes of their providers and their individual relationships with providers above all else. Doctors also ascribe great value to relationships. Kurt Stange, an expert in family medicine and health systems, calls relationships “the antidote to an increasingly fragmented and depersonalized health care system.”—Harvard Business Review

With an overall shortage in physicians negatively impacting the healthcare industry in recent years, a move toward concierge medicine is the answer patients (and doctors) have been seeking. And, with profits playing a significant role in keeping doctors (or anyone) devoted to their craft, invoicing patients through a concierge care model will help to decrease doctor shortages nationwide.

As a patient, through your annual fee, you are given an extra set of amenities aimed at helping you cultivate long-lasting wellness, such as health maintenance and prevention consultation, counseling, and chronic disease management. Through our concierge health package, you will earn a close connection to Dr. Igor Huzicka of First Internal Medicine, and, more importantly, you’ll take back control of your health from a broken system incapable of providing the kind of care every individual needs.

Take control of your health and move beyond ‘7 minute medicine.’ Give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Huzicka. 303-647-3511