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Concierge medicine that fits your unique healthcare needs.

The Healthcare industry increasingly overlooks individuals—we don’t.

At First Internal Medicine, we put you, our patient, at the center of the healthcare universe. Your interests, concerns and unique healthcare needs are our first priority.

Dr. Huzicka’s holistic approach to medicine, extensive experience, industry-wide resources and unique perspective on healthcare, give him the ability to offer highly personalized and expert patient care tailored to your needs.

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We are internal medicine specialists with the expertise and experience to diagnose and address complex medical issues, and to build custom healthcare programs that encourage proactive patient engagement—our goal is to empower you to be an active participant in your own health.

  • A focus on the root cause of medical issues
  • Membership-based model (concierge medicine)
  • Highly personalized care
  • Preventative services and education
  • Early detection screening
  • On-call availability
  • Expertise in the diagnoses and treatment of complex medical issues
  • Access to a global network of healthcare specialists
  • Disease management services
  • Holistic and integrative approach to patient care

First Internal Healthcare & Wellness Blog

  • Patient Knows Best… Visits to the doctor can frequently be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable. The uncertainty, the sterile environment, the outdated magazine selection. More often than not, though, the doctor has only one priority; your health. However, many times, patients complain about having a cold, impersonal...

  • Your experience begins with a trip to the doc and ends with your wallet drained. Physicians working within the network of large hospital systems are amplifying the cost of visits to unsuspecting patients through ‘facility fees’. Do you recall your last emergency room visit? Aside...

  • You may not believe it, but your lack of sleep may be impacting your bottom line. It’s well documented that restful sleep is essential for productivity in the office. People simply function better after a good night’s sleep. Think about it, when was the last...

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In a world where an individual’s health takes a backseat to the needs of insurance providers, and in an industry suffering from a shortage of expert care, people are increasingly looking for alternative ways to work toward individualized and improved healthcare.


With over twenty years of experience treating and working with a diverse range of medical issues and treatments, Dr. Huzicka thrives on providing outstanding service with an emphasis on working with individuals experiencing complex medical issues.

Come see the benefits of a highly personalized concierge approach.